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Guardsman Elite, a division of the Guardsman Group, is your trusted security solutions provider to support safety, honesty, integrity, and increased efficiency for individuals and businesses.



Experience our holistic approach to risk management backed by the best in detection and prevention, and investigation.


Guardsman Elite delivers the ultimate peace of mind with comprehensive security and screening services to make the best decisions on time.


The culture of trust starts with us. Our team has more than x years of collective hands-on experience delivering results for global clients of all sizes.
About Guardsman Elite

A Deeper Level of Security

Guardsman Elite provides a comprehensive range of premium security solutions to individuals and businesses in several industries. Our in-house team of experts consists of some of the most qualified professionals specializing in security audits, investigations, background checks, close protection security, and polygraph services.


Background Checks

We provide fast and accurate results you can trust. Guardsman Elite offers background checks for all purposes ad industries, including real estate transactions; finance, and banking; general staffing; retail; education; healthcare, and more. Our process takes the guesswork out of the hiring process for human resource and recruitment teams who can hire with confidence.

Security Audits

Guardsman Elite is the market leader offering bespoke security audit solutions that quickly identify your risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. We have the resources to uncover the security gaps throughout your organization. Let us help you to decrease non-compliance and establish an effective security program.

Close Protection Service

We offer the best in close protection services for special occasions, everyday needs, and VIP security. In today’s world, close protection services are essential for optimum safety. Guardsman Elite’s close protection officers come from highly specialized backgrounds and are passionate about your safety. We are more than just bodyguards. Experience discreet, confidential, and skilled security, keeping you safe anywhere, at any time.

Polygraph Examinations

We provide professional polygraph examination services to businesses as an investigative aid to support pre-employment verification, in-service screening for workplace crimes, and solving complex cases, involving fraud, corruption, and insider sabotage. Our services are confidential with guaranteed results.


Our qualified network of vetted investigators are the best at uncovering hidden truths and potential threats to our client’s well-being and businesses. Explore our range of business and private intelligence services.

We specialize in:
Skip Trace: Find delinquent borrowers or negligent customers who skip on purchase agreements

Detailed Investigation: Discover hidden facts and solve complex cases with expert support

Asset Identification: Recover unpaid or stolen items
Covert Surveillance: Capture video, photographic, and audio evidence in stealth mode

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