Security Systems

Security Systems

Guardsman provides several high quality, yet economical alarm and monitoring systems. Take a look at some of our featured solutions below, or get a quote now.

24-Hour Monitoring Station & Armed Response

Our state of the art facilities work around the clock to ensure your interests are protected. Security systems are monitored 24-hrs a day. Once a signal is received, it is acknowledged and a response team is dispatched while the proper emergency services (police, fire, ambulance etc.) are engaged and your designated contact is informed.

Intrusion Detection System

This system automatically alerts you if an intruder invades your space. The armed system is triggered in the event of any unauthorized entry, instantly sending a signal to our Central Command Centre while also setting off the alarms at the location.

Panic Alarm

The easiest way to call for immediate help: the press of a fixed or portable panic button alerts our 24-hour Central Command Centre on an emergency. The alarm is transmitted 3 – 5 seconds of being triggered to the Command Centre Operator.

Fire/Smoke Detection System

Our fire and smoke detection devices are designed to suit your needs. In the event of an incident, a signal is immediately sent to our Central Station, where we will alert the Fire Brigade and dispatch our response team to your location.