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Guardsman Elite

Guardsman Elite is a division of the Guardsman Group, providing you with a range of comprehensive security services that are tailored to your specific needs. We offer expertise that gives you critical information and intellligence that allows you to make better business decisions.



Equipped with a team of the most experienced investigative members, we work with you to identify your investigative needs and deploy the most effective covert and overt methods 1n getting the results you need.

Background Checks

Hiring the right candidate or finding the perfect tenant not only provides peace of mind, but it can save money in the long run. To help mitigate the risk of hiring the wrong candidate or the wrong tenant moving in, let us conduct your checks to help you make the best decisions.

Security Audits

Securing yourself, home or business would be futile, if it is not done correctly. We are extensively experienced to assess any location as well as to conduct personal security surveys

Close Protection

We provide advanced protection of individuals or groups for known or unknown threats. Close Protection is carried out by highly-skilled and trained operatives in either discretely or as a visible force, giving you the necessary protection We ensure coverage is unobtrusive, allowing you the space and freedom to carry on your activities while having the peace of mind you deserve.

Polygraph Examinations

At times it is necessary to identify deception as part of your pre-employment screening or a larger investigation.
We provide expert polygraph examiners who are equipped with the latest techniques and instruments Results are confidential and will save you time, money and protect your company’s reputation.

Other Services

Canine Training & Handling

Our award-winning and expertly trained canines are ready to obey, defend and secure.
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Guardsman Cyber Intelligence


We provide proven cyber intelligence solutions to protect your business against ever present physical and digital threats shadowing your online business.
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Guardsman Metaverse

Security Officers

Guardsman understands that the modern security environment demands a diverse mix of skills to deliver quality service and results for our clients.
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